Fix My Face - Magnesium Moisturiser

Fix My Face - Magnesium Moisturiser

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Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride (22%), carefully mixed into a natural, nourishing base of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E and Glycerine to revolutionise the way we care for our largest organ,the skin.

These tubs of goodness are still individually hand made.

Three Amazing Uses...

1. Perfect as a rich overnight facial repair treatment, or a light veil to protect & hydrate skin during the day. The active Magnesium blend balances pH levels in the skin, lightly exfoliates and detoxes dead skin cells. You'll need less than a 5c piece worth to cover the face, neck and chest.

2. Boasting 22% Magnesium and enriched with the highest quality natural oils and butters this is a way of introducing Magnesium to your system. Use daily on face, neck, chest and where skin is thin such as inner elbows, under arms and behind knees.

3. Assists in the treatment of general skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and eczema. 

*Tip - Each tub lasts 4-6 months when used twice daily. Store in a cool, dry place.We recommend using in conjunction with your Magnesium Bath Flakes as an extra boost, 2-3 times weekly.

*Children - This product is suitable for‚ children. We advise using on damp‚ skin the first 2-3 times to test for sensitivity.